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Patty Flauto is a painter and printmaker living in Rocky River, Ohio. The thread of creativity runs through her work and her life with an unending passion for color and design.

Using the canvas as a window rather than an overt narrative, the dynamics of color, shape and line are explored by pushing and pulling layers of paint in endless combinations. Patty’s visual fascination with the world is a driving force that bears witness to the bigger universe both commonplace and sublime. This witnessing translates to paintings with improvisational emotion. Her love of the absent-mindedness of abstraction and how it becomes a ladder that allows one to be absent, present, absent present, climbing in and out of both the intellectual and intuitive mindset.

The unpredictability of the process results in a freedom of imagination and experimentation. Over the course of days, weeks, and sometimes months, each painting evolves into an original and expressive work where impression overshadows realism.